"Trouble in Red River!”

“Donald Smith, longtime Hudson Bay employee, sent from Ottawa to speak to rebels!”

The tension of rebellion threatened to explode into full blown war at any moment. Yet, through this turmoil Louis Riel and the Metis people brought a new province into the Canadian confederation.

However, without rights to it's own natural resources, could this new province survive?

Without access to the railway, would it be possible for anyone to create a life on the harsh prairie?

As if the struggle of setting up a homestead wasn't enough, John and Louise also had to deal with the challenge of raising a growing family....and believe me, it was a challenge. Their children, Joseph and Peter, were brothers in name, but rivals in just about everything else.

Just when it seemed that these two young men would finally be able to find peace with each other, Jenny, a beautiful young woman, caught the eye of them both and unleashed another round of conflict. Could people so opposite ever learn to work together for a common goal?

Would a province with so little ever be able to fulfill the grand vision of its founders?

Join us as we take a look back at where we came from. Through the eyes of a young family coming of age, we will experience the coming of the transCanada railway, the taming of the Canadian West and the birth of Manitoba as we know it today.


Our Manitoba.

An original play that travels 150 years of history with a sense of humor, heart, and ultimately, hope.

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Manitoba 150! - Cancelled due to Covid-19. 
Stay tuned for other productions...

June 12. 7:30 p.m. 

Our Manitoba presented by The Mobile Stage Co.. 

June 13. All Day!

Family Fun Carnival presented by the Austin Chamber of Commerce. 

June 14. Most of the Day.

Afternoon: Antique Car Show. Plus special guests: Gerald Nikkelissen, The Zacharias, Fender Hill. 

Evening: The Sharpe Sisters followed by Nashville recording artist, Tommy Brandt and his band who will play a selection of Tommy's 18 number one hits. 

FREE SHOW presented by The Mobile Stage Co. 

Y'all come down y'hear!

Where it all Started.
Memories of Doc's Holiday 2010. 

Some scenes from 2019...

Meanwhile...in 2018...


This year so far we have performed, Dear Diary in different communities. Our Town Gladstone 2 at the Westman Tourism Awards as well as the Gladstone Museum. We have also toured the Remembrance Day themed, "Letters From the Front," around to different schools. Up next looking at hosting the Reg and Andreas Holiday Tour. Recently Kelvin had the chance to do a workshop on drugs and gangs with George and Jeff Constant. This was filmed and you can see it by clicking videos on the tab above we also have been asked to do this presentation again in the future. If you would like to participate in future productions...please contact us.

Our Town Gladstone 2

A continuation of the story told in Our Town, Gladstone (2017). Our Town Gladstone 2: The continuing story of Ruth and Simon WestLake has humor, history, and even a little romance. It includes lots of real life history including the tale of William Bailey who was the first banker in Gladstone...he only charged 2% interest! Of course, that 2% was compounded monthly. Anyway...if you are interested in Kelvin's historical stories...they are compiled in a paperback called Stories From Our Town, which is available at kelvinbueckert.com. 

News and Views from 2017

Our Town, Austin...what can be said about this? A year of research, writing, preparation, rehearsals ended in sold out shows, standing ovations and an outstanding community achievement award from the Province of Manitoba.  Special thanks to Ed Heppner and the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Hercules Woodworking, Southman Printing, The Pine Creek School Division, the incredibly talented Presley Friesen, and, of course, our hard working crew, Brian Driedger, Tylor Martins, Elma Zacharias, Rebecca Dyck, and Jamie Penner of Hercules Woodworking... NOTE: The Austin Chamber of Commerce is taking orders of souvenir DVD sets, which include the play, Our Town, Austin (along with some interviews and footage shot while researching and writing that play)...as well as footage of the grand 150th parade that was held, fireworks, and so on...if this interests you...call Ed at: 204-797-1230... 

We also performed Our Town, Gladstone at the Gladstone Museum and appeared at the Community Christmas on December 10th, 2017.