Looking Ahead. Manitoba 150. With a brand new original play, "Our Manitoba." And special guest, Tommy Brandt...check out the ribbon cutting and kick off ceremony in the video below.  

Summer 2019.

August 10. Memories of Our Town, Gladstone.
7:00 p.m. Gladstone Museum. 

August 10. Letters from the Front.
Neepawa Film Festival.

August 17. Manitoba 150 Kick-off Supper. 

5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Austin Sports Grounds. 

It's sickening! Bovine tubucerlosis that is...in 1912 it infected a multitude of Gladstone area children. The question on everyone's mind in those days was, “what's causing it?” Local veternarian, Dr. James Shoults, made up his mind to find out. Meanwhile, Adam, a young professional, was struggling with his own sickness. Specifically, love sickness. He'd love to ask Evelyn, a local schoolteacher, to court him. Which was alright, since Evelyn would've loved to have him ask her. However, the problem lay in the fact that Adam was much too shy to make the first move. Anxious to see these two fine folks get it together, Simon, a local farmer, tried his hand as a matchmaker. For a while it seemed that these two people would be brought together through his homespun wisdom. However, at the very moment of triumph, a tribe of vigilant citizens revealed a sordid secret that sent everything crashing down. Literally. Then again, maybe everything wasn't quite as it seemed at first. What was the truth of that story going around town anyway?

Would Doctor Shoults find a way to stop the epidemic of bovine tuberculosis?

These were the questions faced by the residents of Our Town, Gladstone. Yet, the despite the trials of those times they had a few laughs too...and being generous folks, they'd be glad to share them with you. Assuming you paid them a visit of course. 

Memories of Our Town, Gladstone. 

Gladstone Museum.


Andre: John Plett. 

Evelyn. Sarah Suderman. 

Adam. Nicholas Semler. 

Gertrude. Shirley Merke. 

Hilda. Robyn Semler. 

Margaret. Melissa Fehr. 

Marie. Azaria Neushwander. 

Simon. Kelvin Bueckert.

Meanwhile...in 2018...


This year so far we have performed, Dear Diary in different communities. Our Town Gladstone 2 at the Westman Tourism Awards as well as the Gladstone Museum. We have also toured the Remembrance Day themed, "Letters From the Front," around to different schools. Up next looking at hosting the Reg and Andreas Holiday Tour. Recently Kelvin had the chance to do a workshop on drugs and gangs with George and Jeff Constant. This was filmed and you can see it by clicking videos on the tab above we also have been asked to do this presentation again in the future. If you would like to participate in future productions...please contact us.

Our Town Gladstone 2

A continuation of the story told in Our Town, Gladstone (2017). Our Town Gladstone 2: The continuing story of Ruth and Simon WestLake has humor, history, and even a little romance. It includes lots of real life history including the tale of William Bailey who was the first banker in Gladstone...he only charged 2% interest! Of course, that 2% was compounded monthly. Anyway...if you are interested in Kelvin's historical stories...they are compiled in a paperback called Stories From Our Town, which is available at kelvinbueckert.com. 

News and Views from 2017

Our Town, Austin...what can be said about this? A year of research, writing, preparation, rehearsals ended in sold out shows, standing ovations and an outstanding community achievement award from the Province of Manitoba.  Special thanks to Ed Heppner and the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Hercules Woodworking, Southman Printing, The Pine Creek School Division, the incredibly talented Presley Friesen, and, of course, our hard working crew, Brian Driedger, Tylor Martins, Elma Zacharias, Rebecca Dyck, and Jamie Penner of Hercules Woodworking... NOTE: The Austin Chamber of Commerce is taking orders of souvenir DVD sets, which include the play, Our Town, Austin (along with some interviews and footage shot while researching and writing that play)...as well as footage of the grand 150th parade that was held, fireworks, and so on...if this interests you...call Ed at: 204-797-1230... 

We also performed Our Town, Gladstone at the Gladstone Museum and appeared at the Community Christmas on December 10th, 2017.